Management Consulting Group

 =we will provide management support=

Tadao Suda =President and CEO=

Currently, I also run a company specializing in management consulting and a solar installation corporation, Simple Co.,Ltd.( I am a practical consultant who has doubled sales and quadrupled profits in two years.

I have been working as an angel investor and have ran around the world at 5 billion to 10 billion(Interview, Japan Economic newspaper [unknown"Japan Investors Buffett"],

I have been winning 15 years in the stock market (even when the Lehman shock) and never experience defeated in the land business and the golf membership right business.

Born in Kiryu, dies in Kiryu.
I am trying to activate this city which I love so much and make it the best city in the world in 10 to 20 years.


*President and CEO of Yasuragi Co.,Ltd.
*President and CEO of Simple Co.,Ltd.
*President and CEO of TR trading Co.,Ltd.

Made the company Listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange St.Rex as No.1 in 2004.
Retired from Yasuragi Co.,Ltd.(a monthly salary of 20million yen)-renamed Yasuragi Co.,Ltd. to Katitas Co.,Ltd. that is currently listed on the Tokyo market. And became a management consultant.

We started real estate services in a state of no funds and human resources in 1988.

For a while, we should undergo many hardships because we had little knowledge about the auction, the remodeling construction, and the real estate sales.

However we finally found a success method and it its from experience of such a variety of hardships.

"THE BEST MAN who overcame adversities in Japan" started the management consulting service.

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